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Video Sermon: Keeping In Step With the Spirit, 5

Chinese Flu Playlist: The Ultimate Power

Feeling a little powerless, stuck at home? Fear gripped your heart like a vice? The good news is you have all the power you need, even if you don’t know it. If you’re a Christian, you can tap into the ultimate Power through prayer and fellowship with God. Freedom is literally one prayer away.

Christian rock group Petra released “More Power To Ya” in 1982.

Chinese Flu Playlist: Symphony of Praise

The Imperials, a southern gospel quartet/contemporary Christian music group, released an odd double album in 1983. Each member had one side of the record all to themselves. I’m not sure whose idea it was, and it doesn’t always work real well, but every song on Jim Murray’s side is pitch perfect.

“Sound His Praise” is the song I’ve picked for the playlist today. The lyrics are a powerful reminder of how important it is for God’s children to praise God. There’s always a good reason to praise Him, even if you think there isn’t: He deserves it.

Panic Podcast: Psalm 119, Part 21

Here’s the audio portion of our Bible study tonight. It’s part 21 of an in-depth study of Psalm 119. I’ve been asked if I’ll be posting the other parts in audio format. I’m going to say no to that at the moment. Of course, the print versions of the study will eventually find their way here, but we’d have to actually record all the other parts, and the constraints of time makes that impossible at the moment. We’ll see how things look in the next few weeks; who knows?

Enjoy the study.

Chinese Flu Playlist: Take a Walk With Jesus

Most of you remember Oleta Adams’ soulful cover of Brenda Russell’s “Get Here” in 1991. It became the unofficial anthem of the Gulf War. But most people don’t know that Oleta Adams is gospel music artist with some powerful songs to her credit.

“Come Walk With Me” was her first fully gospel album, released in 1997. I’ve chosen the title track, “Come and Walk With Me,” because the lyrics are powerful and encouraging, especially during days like we are living today. No matter how you feel, walk on the water with Jesus. He’ll guide your every step.

Chinese Flu Playlist: Motivated by Fear

Going back, way back in time again. This time to 1980. The Imperials released their album “Priority” to critical success.

The great Jim Murray leads in this powerful song, “I’d Rather Believe in You.”

Chinese Flu Playlist: Disco Jesus

Good morning! Another week of playing hide and seek with a flu virus is upon us. If you feel like the four walls of your home are closing in on you, here’s a song from 1980 that’ll put you a dancin’ mood. Or at least a happy mood.

In that year, 25 year old Steve Camp released his second album, “Start Believin.” Today, Steve pastors a church in Florida, but when this album came out, his music career was just taking off.

Here’s “Start Believing,” the title cut. It’s hard to sit still listening to it. If nobody’s around, scoot the furniture around, crank up the volume and get down!


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