Peter’s Wife’s Mother…

This was a very busy day for Jesus. We have a record of it Mark 1:21-34. In the morning, Jesus went into the Synagogue and taught, and cast out an unclean spirit; in the afternoon, He went to Peter’s house, along with Jame and John, and healed Peter’s wife’s mother of sickness and fever; in the evening he healed many that were sick of kinds of diseases and cast out many demons. What a long day our Lord had! I want to look at one incident in particular: the healing of Peter’s wife’s mother.

1. The relationship

She was Peter’s mother-in-law. This means, of course, that Peter had a wife. We don’t often think of the disciples as having wives or families, but in this case, Peter had a wife, and obviously a mother-in-law that he apparently got along with.

2. Sorry condition

She had a fever and was sick. Physical problems can wear down a person’s spirit, making them depressed or fearful to the point where they may feel utterly helpless or useless. She was completely unfit to do anything for anybody in her condition. The fever of worldly excitement and pursuits brings to many of us the sickness of spiritual uselessness. Our churches today seem more like hospitals than training camps for the army of the Lord. Too many of us are unfit for duty, like Peter’s mother-in-law; sick with a fever and good for nothing; like savour-less salt.

3. Importunate Intercessors

Jesus was told of this woman’s sad condition. This is a blessed work, this making intercession for others. Our Lord is never offended by our continually pleading to Him on behalf of others. Never be afraid to offer prayers for others. Tell Jesus again and again. Jesus is not hard of hearing or stubborn, or slow to understand our needs, but He desires to see in us a persistent faith!

4. Great deliverance

We are told that Jesus simply took this woman by the hand, lifted her up out of her sickbed and she was healed. Amazing! It is so easy for Jesus to do a great thing! Notice that there was:

  1. A personal contact, “he took her hand.” Jesus deals personally with those in need.
  2. An uplifting power, he “helped her up.” Every contact with Jesus in prayer will lift you up! Every time we fellowship one with another in Christ’s presence, we are encouraged and lifted up. There is nothing you cannot do with Christ in your life!
  3. An immediate cure, “the fever left her.” How can the touch of Jesus result in anything else? The personal Christ is the cure for all.

5. Willing service

As soon as she was healed, Peter’s mother-in-law waited on them. What should be more natural for one who has received so much from God than to minister to the needs of others? It becomes the redeemed to not only say so but to also do so! In serving Him she was simply using the strength that He Himself gave to her. The prophet cried out, “Will a man rob God?” The resounding answer is “Yes!” And he does this when he withholds from the service of Christ that which Christ claims as His own. The ministry of Peter’s mother-in-law, like all true service, was willing, spontaneous and hearty.

If the living Christ has come to you, touched you and lifted you up, then you owe it to Him to serve Him right where you are today.


1 Response to “Peter’s Wife’s Mother…”

  1. 1 Rachel February 24, 2007 at 3:24 pm


    I really love this part: “As soon as she was healed, Peter’s mother-in-law waited on them. What should be more natural for one who has received so much from God than to minister to the needs of others? It becomes the redeemed to not only say so but to also do so! ”

    A lot of Christians talk about serving the Lord, but so many just sit on the sidelines. If we have been blessed in some way by G-d, then we must turn around and pass that blessing on to someone else, in G-d’s Name.

    Great post.

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