Faith, Study 2, Hebrews 11

1. Aspiration of faith, verse 10

Faith, it is said, “looks for a city whose Builder and Maker is God.” Faith will not be satisfied with temples made with hands. It looks higher up for God’s building, and sees the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down from God. Faith seeks things that are unseen yet eternal.

2. Fruit of faith, verses 11, 12

It was because of her faith that Sara became a mother. I am quite sure many of you have laughed at some of God’s promises only to have been utterly amazed when they come to pass. God is always faithful, He is always dependable and will always keep His Word to you. Unbelief and doubt is barren. Having faith produces fruit in your life.

3. Vision of faith, verse 13

“Having seen them afar off…” It is only the anointed eyes that can see at all. Faith sees things that remain unseen to those who are unbelieving. Faith sees a way when there is no way. Faith sees a land of rest while everybody else is restless. It is the privilege of faith not only to dream of a ladder that reaches to heaven, but to gaze on it continually. Unbelief is blind.

4. Confession of faith, verses 13, 14

The faithful are never afraid to confess what they believe. There were no ambiguities in the words of Ruth. The plain, practical confession of the young widow is very much needed in the church today with regard to Christ.

5. Devotedness of faith, verses 15, 16

Faith must be single minded in its devotion to Christ. Faith must always be looking forward, rarely looking backward, and then only to see how far the Lord has brought you. Faith says something like this: But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. (Phil. 3:13)

6. Trial of faith, verses 17–19

Sometimes faith is hard. Abraham was ready to offer his son at God’s command! Abraham believed God would come through for him, and He did. The trial of faith is more precious than gold. Your faith will be tried if it is real, and if it is real your faith will stand the test. The young Hebrew youths in the firey furnace had that kind of faith. The rich young ruler had that kind of faith. Abraham sold all he had and was ready to sacrifice his son because he had that kind of faith. Do you have that kind of faith?

7. Blessing of faith, verses 20, 21

This promise is you and your children. The believing parent recieves it by faith, and lays it on the head of his offspring. Faith is able to claim God’s blessings for others. Are others blessed through your faith? The prayers of the righteous abaileth much. How much?

8. Remembrance of faith, verse 22

We often talk about faith, but we need to remember what God has done in our lives and tell others about it. The butler remembered his faults and so did Peter.

9. Secrets of faith, verse 23

Moses was hidden by his parents. Some have taken this to mean that his parents were afraid, but they were not. We are told they did this by faith. Like the parents of Moses, every believer has his hidden hopes and secret expectations that no stranger can snatch away.


1 Response to “Faith, Study 2, Hebrews 11”

  1. 1 Rachel February 22, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Great studies on faith, Mike. How many will there be in total.

    Nice new site, too.

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