Amazing Grace!


My grace is sufficient for thee.

2 Corinthians 12:9

His grace is sufficient, and it is being made sufficient, as an alternate translation of the Greek reads. And ever flowing fullness for our ever-growing needs!

1. The Substance of the Promise. Grace and strength. The grace and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ on our behalf are the fruits of His death and resurrection. Where we have favor and power, love and ability, on our side now, we may be satisfied and safe. Unsearchable riches and Almighty power.

2. The Purpose of the Promise. It was to meet the need of His servant in His time of trial. It is the nature of grace to fill ever vacancy, and to turn weakness into strength, deformity into beauty, uncleanness into purity, enmity into love.

3. The Fullness of the Promise. It is all-sufficient for all people in any circumstances. It is sufficient for the—

  • Would-be Christian. Those seeking the Lord will find His grace; salvation is through grace. No matter how numerous the sins, His grace is sufficient.
  • Young Christian. When you don’t know all the answers and your faith is immature, there is an unfailing supply of grace to sustain you and see you through.
  • Working Christian. The more active our service for the Lord is, the more grace we need, and the more we receive. Take up your cross for there is grace in it and grace for it.
  • Tempted Christian. Tempted by sin or tempted by the discouragements of life, you will find grace. There is victory in the boundless grace of God. He became poor so that you may become rich—rich in grace and strength.
  • Suffering Christian. If we are not saved from afflictions, we may be saved in them. It was through the valley of the shadows of death that David went to the throne of Israel.
  • Backsliding Christian. Many of us have wandered away from God’s family, as the prodigal son did. And God always welcomes us back with open arms, drawn by grace.
  • Aged Christian. God promised He would never leave us. His very presence in our lives guarantees a lifetime supply of grace.
  • Dying Christian. It is easy to die in company with the risen Savior. The shadows flee away when He appears to take you home.

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