Chinese Flu Playlist: No Words Except Breezin’

In 1976, George Benson released his award winning jazz album, “Breezin’.” I’ve chosen the title track because I’ve always thought this was a happy song. There are no lyrics, but there don’t have to be. The music is as close to “joy” as you can get.

Panic Podcast: Psalm 119, Part 22

Here’s the final part of our colossal 22 week study of the magnificent Psalm 119. Grab your Bible and study along. And don’t forget to click on the link to send some love to our church.


Chinese Flu Playlist: Living Dangerously

Back in the 1990’s Pastor Steve Camp recorded “Living Dangerously in the Hands of God.” It seems as though the modern Christian doesn’t do this. We’re a pretty complacent bunch these days, who prefer going along to get along instead of standing for our faith.

Chinese Flu Playlist: Strong Love

Chinese Flu Playlist: Your Lighthouse


The Rend Collective is an Irish Christian Folk band, and I particularly like this song. The imagery of the lyrics is powerful, and speaks to how the Lord guides his people to a place of safety and security just as a lighthouse guides sailors to their safe harbor.

Chinese Flu Playlist: Only One Voice Matters

Have you finally stopped watching the news yet? There are way too many voices vying for your attention these days. Whom do believe? Which one of the “experts” is telling the truth?

Modern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty give us the answer. The only voice that you can trust is the Lord’s.

“Speak, O Lord.”

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Panic Podcast: Daniel, Part 5


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